I have the lemmfo lem7 4g-lte gps smart watch + wireless earpods by eexata (which is called the Smartwatch). They both are very stylish and one can imagine that they would be quite attractive to women, especially when they carry a large sum of money on them. However, I am more interested in the features of the Lemmfo Smartwatch, because of its feature of GPS location data that enables it to work as a navigation system.


When I first saw the Lemmfo Smartwatch, I was quite impressed by its looks. It also gave me the impression that it could be quite functional and useful as well. I am guessing that if I were to get one, I would not want to be in a hurry to wear it every day, because that would be a pain for me, because it would take me a while to get used to it. Besides, I am sure that there are not too many people who would like to wear a bulky watch like that.

The Lemmfo Smartwatch has some pretty good technology, but most importantly, it has some good looks. At first I thought that the looks would be less important than the technology, but after I saw the screen, I realized that the looks would matter more than the technology. After all, the Lemmfo Smartwatch is not only an attractive watch but it is also a fairly good watch for it to be able to work as a GPS system.

  • Features Phone Call Support Phone Book Support etc
  • Package Includes 1 X Smart Watch Phone 1 X User Manual 1 x 700mAh Power Bank 1 X Charge Cable(Charge for Power Bank)
  • Support Android 4.4 or above Phone, IOS 9.0 or above

The Lemmfo Smartwatch comes with all of the things you need to function as a navigation system. You have a pair of earphones and a USB adapter that enable you to transfer data from your computer to the watch. You also have a watch ring, a leather strap, and a micro-USBcable.

The band on the watch is of leather and looks quite nice. It is quite comfortable to wear and will not bother your wrist at all. In addition, the band is completely adjustable, so you can put the band as tight or loose as you want to. The watch also has a mechanism that lets you hear directions by vibrating the watch as well.

There are some other features that are important for the Lemmfo Smartwatch. One of these is the “kneeling mode” for running or walking. This mode lets you place the watch on your wrist and don’t worry about getting up from the position for a while. You can still take notes or watch the information, while keeping your pants on.

The Lemmfo watch also comes with a siren. The siren is activated by pulling out the power cord on the watch. The siren is quiet, but the sound can be quite distracting while you are driving. But it is a good device if you are using your vehicle for work. Some of the schools today use this device to make sure that students are obeying the rules of the road.

The Lemmfo Smartwatch comes with a SIM card and a micro-USB cable as well. One nice thing about this watch is that it will sync your smartphone. The phone is then able to be synced with the watch. Since the watch syncs with your phone, you will be able to transfer all the information from your phone to the watch as well.


The Lemmfo Smartwatch also includes a battery life indicator, which means that if you notice that the watch is getting low on battery, you will know that you need to change it. the battery. You can find it inside the box and it is marked battery and it is the small black box.

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Lemmfo LeMFi7 GPS Smart Watch by Eexata and Lemmfo EarPods by Eexata are very popular with active women. Both these watches have both a wrist and a clasp that have an opening for the ear pieces.

Lemmfo makes an elegant body-con dress watch that’s both fashionable and functional. The band, though it is transparent, keeps your wrist cool and allows you to move freely. This is especially convenient during swimmer’s legs.

Lemmfo’s LEMMFE7 Watch by Eexata adds to its brand-defining designs by adding a lot of features. The features include both a wrist and a band that’s transparent, with a clasp that opens for your earphones, two buttons for the volume, and of course, the Lemmfo logo.

Lemmfo’s EarPods by Eexata is designed in such a way that they’ll fit snugly into the ear canal. It has three non-removable ear bud ports, so you can bring several pairs of earphones with you wherever you go. You’ll even be able to use the cord with your other devices and your phone.

Lemmfo’s LeMFi7 GPS Smart Watch by Eexata watch has such a great design that it looks absolutely gorgeous. It also includes other nice features, such as a digital compass, a heart rate monitor, a step counter, a radio timer, an alarm, the push button for airplane mode, and an LCD backlight.

Lemmfo’s Tactic Smart Watches by Eexata is meant for the active woman who loves to take care of her body. It has a simple, sleek design that includes a band that’s completely transparent, making it both comfortable and practical for daily wear.

Lemmfo also makes a watch that’s a little more like a traditional watch. The Lemmfo LEMMFI Smart Watches by Eexata is stylish and trendy, with a stainless steel face that offers full visibility through your eyes. The band is also stainless steel, with a matte finish that matches the stainless steel face.

The wrist band is in black, but the sides and corners are bright red, just to give the watch a splash of color. There are a lot of colors available, which make it easy to match the watch to your outfit. The only drawback to this watch is that the face may be a little small.

Lemmfo EarPods by Eexata offers a similar option with its own line of products. The EarPods by Eexata series comes in a wide range of colors. There are colors for both men and women.

The earbuds come in silver, gold, black, and red. They’re made of soft silicone, so that you can easily put them in and take them out. The earpieces also come with a handy lanyard for easy wear and removal.

Finally, both the Lemmfo LEMMFI watch and the Lemmfo Tactic watch by Eexata came with easy-to-read, clear digital displays. When these displays are touched, you’ll see a menu system that offers a number of options for your selections.

If you want a watch that lets you check messages on your wrist or if you want something that’s small and discreet, then the Lemmfo LEMMFI watch by Eexata might be just what you’re looking for. .

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