wireless network in computer network what is networking when two or more computers are connected in such a way that data is transferred from one computer to another? So this is called networking. So it’s called wireless. We do not need to connect any type of cable to a system to achieve this. Internet connection, so this is called a wireless network in computer network .

what is the wireless network? Using wireless technology, we can transfer data from one device to another without using cables that use this technology.

it is more flexible intangible and easily accessible now, which is why it is called flexible when using tablets or smartphone devices that support Wi-Fi, so you can move from one place to another without hesitation, so this is called flexible why it is called intangible, you do not need to touch anything,

now you know the wired network should pay attention, but here you do not need it everywhere and this is quite easy to use, so it is called ea to access now do you know that the data from the wired network passes through cables or wires now here the data goes through the RF signal,

what is the RF signal The RF signal means radio frequency signals the range of the signal is between 30 kilohertz and 300 gigahertz. the category of e / m waves now what are VM waves, there are electromagnetic waves now light is also an electromagnetic wave, but we can see the light, but the RF signal is completely invisible to our eyes, even if it uses the FM radio station,

it uses RF signal to transmit frequency signals used as station name as 93.5 red FM requirement to create a wireless n network interface card IC used for wireless networks now I see that we also need a network card in our world system but here which is called wireless network card,

it is not just an antenna, but unlike the rj45 cable, the rj45 cable that we use in our access point to the wired network is generally an access point to generate signal and establish connection The access point between devices is the central unit from which this RF signal is generated, and we need devices that have a wireless signal adapter.

The types of wireless networks based on the size of wireless networks fall into four categories, wireless LAN, which is wireless. man who is a wireless metropolitan network and wireless when it is a broad wireless network and a wireless pen that is as well as a personal network what is wireless LAN

wireless LAN means local wireless local area network this is a network where two or more computers are connected that cover only a limited area, suppose that in a school in an office, any university for a limited area, neither C is used in this regard,

where there is a small area to cover, there is an error, it is not even C, we need a wnic in the system, we often call this point-to-point network now, which is why it is called point-to-point network, there is no coordinator when there is no coordinator between a network so it’s called a peer-to-peer network,

this is completely impractical in the sense, this is also called ad-hoc network now a network that is used temporarily and then it’s called an ad-hoc network As an example, we can say that here if we turn off the access point, we cannot connect to the Internet and to another network connection we will completely disconnect it so this is called Ad-hoc network on the left,

we will see the wireless network card that is in the device next to it this is really the antenna and this rj45 and right side see that the rj45 cable is used in wired networks as opposed to the switch in a wired network,

a special device is used in WLAN called an access point, this is a central unit from which the RF signal is generated , WLAN, which uses an access pointer called PSS,

which is a set of basic services that acts as a coordinator between the various devices now seen in a network.

A coordinator is required to manage other units. The BSS diagram, which is a basic service established in the central unit where the access point is and is connected to two nodes, can say that two computers and the right side that this access point sees are nothing but the diagram you look at BSS,

the access point, this is the right side, it’s also an access point, Wi-Fi, wireless faith, we all use Wi-Fi settings, but in its full form it is called wireless fidelity, our signal frequency is 2, 4 gigahertz to 5 Hertz in this technology Wi-Fi technology is only used in WLAN.


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